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Re: [IP] CGMS Insertion

I've found the 'senserter to be of no use to me. I do a manual insertion
without trouble.  Everytime I have used the 'serter, I've had incomplete
insertions and bleeding.

Manually, I pinch up and shove the sensor in, almost straight in.  Works for

On 7/2/08 10:05 AM, "Jordana Rosenberg" <email @ redacted>

> Hi Everyone,
 > Has anyone had trouble with inserting the minimed cgms? It was all going fine
> for 5 months, and then the past several insertions they haven't gone in all
> the
> way -- either the needle is just sticking in, or it's halfway.
> I can't tell if it's my technique, or what. I think I'm doing everything the
> same, so maybe the serter is starting to tank?  Have people found the serter
> begins to give out after a couple months?
> Thanks a lot,
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