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RE: [IP] CGMS and falling BGs

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From: "Felix Kasza (lists)" <email @ redacted> 

> Hi Cynthia, 
> > [...] what can be done to increase the 
> > value of the isig? 
> You have already figured out what I am driving at: Beyond making 
> sure that your transmitter is in good shape, there is nothing you 
> can do to increase the Isig without increasing your blood sugar. 
> And like you, I find that with an Isig below 5 (sometimes 6), the 
> sensor fails to track -- the sensor BG flatlines and no longer 
> goes up and down with the BG level. 
> Sorry, 
> Felix. 

Hello Felix,

 My Isig value dropped below 4 after about 3 days on my last sensor. Of course,
that caused my sensor readings to go totally wacky. That hadn't happened in
months, so I disconnected the transmitter, recharged it, plugged it back in and
recalibrated after 2 hours. At that point, the Isig started behaving normally -
I find the readings are best when BG/Isig ~ 10. If the Isig is strictly a
function of current and fluid, I don't understand how this happened.

 I'll take it, though. I got another 4 days out of that sensor - and probably
could have gone another week. I don't go past 7 days, normally. As an
experiment, I left one in for 14 days, and actually had better readings during
the second week. It left a nasty scar, though. It still looks angry, and that
was 3 weeks ago.


dx 1985 at age 32 
MM 522 8/07 
CGMS 12/07
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