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[IP] runners

Usually 1-2 hours before a bike ride I lower my basal rate 80% on a temp basal
so I'm only getting 20% basal.  I'll keep the temp basal 1-2 hours pre ride,
during the ride, and for about an hour after the ride.  Just before I start
biking I'll usually have 15-20 grams of carbs if my bs is around 80-100.  Rode
for four hours the other day and came back with a bs of 120.  After the ride
I'll eat some carbs and bolus for about half of what I ate since my insulin
sensitivity is high.  For runs I'll do similar but for shorter durations and
decrease my basal less since I don't run that far or fast.

Rose Pisano

<What works for you when you run 5k's or longer to regulate your BG's?  I
<usually try to get my BG's around 200 before I run.  Sometimes when I am
<done running my BG's sky rocket other times it goes low while I run and
<very rarely is it on the money.  Do you run with the Pump on or not?
<How does one keep it under control when running long distances?
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