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RE: [IP] anybody need syringes?

Insulin IS over the counter (OTC)
 Insulin ANALOGS are NOT over the counter (otc) and they Do require a

 Insulin: Neutro Protamine Hegadorn (NPH), Regular (R), and before the pulled
from market Ultralente (U) and Lente (L),
Except for U-500 insulin (Regular), It DOES require a prescription.
Insulin ANALOGS: NovoLog, Humalog, Apidra, Lantus, Levemir

 Therefore that is why some say that their insulin requires a prescription. It
is because they are using a Analog to insulin, and not insulin itself.
 There are also some states that DO require a prescription for syringes. Yes, I
would like to see syringes be OTC in ALL 50 states. Thereby reducing the
"reused" and "shared" needle issue with drug addicts, and thereby reducing the
risk of transmission of blood born pathogens.
 Yes, I understand that some do not want syringes in the states that now require
a prescription for them, to become OTC, because then the insurance won't cover
them. But there are alot of insurance companies that will pay for them, even if
they are OTC.
 Oregon does NOT require a script for syringes, and I was able to get them for
my medication copay on private insurance, even though they were OTC
(pacificsourse ppo).

R. Leppanen
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