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[IP] Report on surgery

I had surgery on my Gortex Loop in my forearm today - to stick the 15g 
needles into for dialysis treatments. A few notes of interest:

The nurse told me most of the pumpers will take their pumps off. I asked if 
they remove the pancreas from a non-DMer before surgery. She looked at me 
rather funny. LOL I said, "Don't touch my pump! ;-) At that moment I was 
211. I had taken 0.6u to take it down to about 160.

When I talked to the anesthesiologist (Dr. Musunuru = moose-en-oo'-roo) he 
told me to take care of my DM myself since I have had it longer than he is 
old (57 yrs) and knew more about DM than he. He said I should leave the 
sleeping part to him. I told him I really appreciated that.

When the nurse asked me what I wanted for pain (much later after a prior 
morphine injection) I chose Vicodin and said I needed food with it. She 
asked, "Do you?" DUH! If you don't want to throw up, you do. Pain meds do a 
number on an empty stomach.  Nursey didn't know that? hmmmmm  She gave me 
some soda crackers.

When I had the other part of the loop repaired in May, I threw up 5x and was 
in a lot of pain, and swelling. I have none of the afore mentioned - hardly 
any discomfort except how visible the large white gauze wrapping around it 
and the bands around my right wrist, keeping me conscious of it. PTL!

I broke 200 late in the afternoon (194). I corrected after each one. This 
evening I upped my basal from 0.7 to 1.0 since the Vic could raise me. I am 
now 166.

Got a lightbulb moment the other day. They usually ask us to take 1/2 the 
amount of insulin the morning of surgery (or basal). I got to thinking that 
our TDDs are a total of basals and boluses. Well, if you leave off the 
boluses for no food, that IS 1/2 of the daily total. The basals are set for 
normal days (or as Michael says: "Vanilla days"), so not eating after 
midnight requires no boluses, therefore running basals only IS half of the 
total. It's an automatic cut. We go through a lot to set basals - the stress 
and injury of surgery raise my BG and I need the insulin to cover it at 
best. If I would cut a basal, my BGs would be too high and hinder healing, 
Not good. YMMV

Some of my list of physicians:
Kezei (Kay's eye)

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