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Re: [IP] Minimed seeming to work better...

That's nice to hear.  When your basals and boluses are stable, then you 
should be able to have pretty much anything that you want.  I have 
discovered that while I can eat most restaurant foods, I have to pass on 
LeAnn Chin's chinese food.  Hers?  Seems to take 3X the normal amount of 
insulin, so you can figure what that costs in weight gain... According 
to my middle grandchild, I am big and fat enough already.

Denise May

Michael Levisay wrote:
 > My pump seems to be working better in the matter concerning my blood sugars
>being so high; however, I have been eating mostly healthy food only. I would
>like to be able to grub some Jack in the Box or better yet Whataburger without
 >having my glucose going completely out of control. I guess someone remarked
>the Minimed BD Meter is not that good at reading proper glucose. That sucks
>because one time when I had a 300 reading on my One Touch Freestyle meter, I
>then tested on the BD Meter and I came up with a 230-240 Reading. When I came
>down before going normal, the Freestyle was 53 and the BD was about 56. I just
 >hope to experience the "Goodness" of the pump in the sense that I can eat in
>unorthodox manner with out going off the deep end sugar wise.
>  -Michael
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