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Re: [IP] What in the world is going on?

>OK I am writing to you guys to help me because I think I am losing my  mind!
>Gabrielle (5 and pumping for 2 months on CoZmo) was 180 at midnight then 52 
>at 2am so I did the usual 15 carbs 15 minutes thing checked her again  and she
>was 40, gave her 15 more carbs plus a little p-nut butter (about  1/4 tsp)
>checked her again in 15 minutes and she was 301!!!!
>OK what in the world? So, I did a correction and checked her in an 45 
>minutes to an hour and she was over 500...checked her site and all that and 
>  corrected her again with crystal light to drink and checked her in about an
>  266...ok going down good. Well I just checked her an hour later and she has
>up to 465 so I gave her a shot in her arm and went to the  living room to cry
>and to ask you guys what is going on?

I'd guess you hit a bounce from hypoglycemia.  The liver can release 
lots of glucose at once in response to a low.  And yes, exercise can 
have a delayed effect.  She's likely to stay unstable for a day or so 
after a low with that much aftereffect.  If that's what it was, watch 
her carefully and even let her run a bit high for a day or two--if 
her liver really released that much glucose, that fast, it's likely 
depleted and won't respond well to another low.  Watching closely and 
checking often certainly won't hurt her.  You might want to check 
with her doctor on letting her run a little high.
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