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Re: [IP] Re: Changing Lancets

>     Michael, I don't get the connection between the lubricant wearing
>     off
> and the nicking and the chipping. 

Without the lubricant it is much easier for the knife to snag on the 
tissue it is trying to cut. Since the knife is "very" thin, the local 
strength is not great compared to the surface it is cutting. The 
insertion needle in the center of your infusion set is lubricated also 
for pretty much the same reason. It allows the "knife" at the tip to 
more easily penetrate the skin. Look at the insertion needle with a 
magnifiying glass. You will see that it is an angled, sharpened blade, 
not a point like a needle. The more cleanly and easily these knives 
cut, the less pain and the less damage they do as the cut through the 
tissue. A clean enough cut will basically seal up when the blade is 


> The serrations (from grinding, nicking
> and chipping) are there all the time. It all depends on the degree of
> magnification.
>     I think that for most users lancet changes do depend less on the
> manufacturers direction than on the comfort level that each person
> needs. At some point each of us will know that the nicking and chipping
> has gone too far. Judging from the amount of ridicule and joking that
> lancet-changing brings on this list I would have to say that there is a
> fare amount of tolerance for nicking and chipping.
>                 Peter 1
> > From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
> > Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Changing Lancets
> >...... 
> > The first day or so that you use it, the lubricant wears off pretty
> > much completely which results in the edge dulling and getting
> > nicked/chipped, etc... very quickly.... another way to say it gets
> > "dull".
> >.....
> > Michael
> > .
> .
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