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 I agree, I do not think not carrying what a diabetic needs for care is a reason
to not pay a parking ticket. I think it can do more harm than good for the
diabetic with the ticket and potentially all diabetics. It is certainly not the
judge's problem that you did not carry your glucose source with you. I think the
judge did know about diabetes or would not have asked if there had been medical
attention sought.

Laddie-Arizona <email @ redacted> wrote:
  My advice is to let it alone and next time, carry orange juice or other forms
of glucose with you at all times. You should never be driving without juice,
glucose tabs, or another quick acting sugar food in the car.

I think you are opening doors to all sorts of problems for yourself. If you
start drawing too much attention to your diabetes, you might find yourself in
hot water with your drivers license. You certainly aren't helping other
people with diabetes by drawing attention to the fact that you were driving
and having a hypoglycemic episode. I'd be careful about trying to educate the
legal system too much about diabetes. The long-term response might be to
restrict the driving privileges of people with diabetes.

The fact of the matter is you parked in an illegal parking zone and got a
parking ticket. It's your own fault for not having sugar with you. Just be
glad that the whole episode only cost you $115. You didn't have an accident
and no one got hurt. There was no involvement with the police except for the
parking ticket. Your parking in the illegal zone and your lack of
preparedness in your diabetes care is what cost you the money, not the judge's
perceived ignorance.


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