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Re: [IP] humalog and heat

I live in Minneapolis.  This summer has been hot, hot, hot.  Today we're 
headed toward a high of 100.  The first really super warm weekend of 
this year was Memorial Day weekend (95 and sunny).  I changed my 
cartridge on Saturday and by Monday at noon I had glucoses of 425 or so 
without doing a thing to get there.  No infection, no fudge, no 
forgotten boluses.  Above all, no leak in my delivery system.  I 
disconnected and ran a unit - clear insulin in the bead.  But still, 
when the BG goes high for no reason...After tossing out roughly 200 
units of insulin (I'm cheap, too) and filling a new cartridge, my 
glucose went back to normal.  I have an air-conditioned car, but no AC 
in my house.  Right now, I am going to go read in the bathtub for awhile 
and cool off. Forever Frio!

Denise May

Cynthia VanDenBerge wrote:
>This is so strange to me.  I am certainly not doubting your experience, but
>I live in Memphis and am out in 90 to 102 heat for hours and have never had
>the insulin go bad in my pump.  I keep my pump in my pocket while doing yard
>work, mowing etc.  I wonder what the difference is?  Anybody have any ideas?
>On 7/30/06, Barbara Ziegler <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>I have had a problem with Humalog becoming denatured in heat.  I spent an
>>afternoon at baseball games in high heat.  Both the insulin in my pump and
>>the bottle in my purse were shot.  It was pretty spooky because I was 3
>>from home.  Since then, I always use a Frio (I'm on Novolog now), and also
>>carry a paper prescription for Novolog so I don't get in trouble again.  I
>>don't really want to test how long I can be out and to what temperature
>>extreme.  It isn't worth it.
>>Barbara Ziegler
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