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Re: [IP] What in the world is going on?

Tracy, those lows in the day or so after unusual amounts of exercise 
can come on pretty oddly with me, too -- I was having the problem early 
Sunday morning, myself, after a Saturday morning longer-than-usual 
hike.  It does sound like a rebound occurred, and maybe her rebound 
mechanism just isn't as efficient as one could want <gr.>, and did 
resume releasing glycogen.  What has happened since?  --I wondered, 
from the post below, if the 465 could have possibly been one of those 
fluke, glucose-crumbs-on-the-fingers, readings.  Or, if the cannula was 
slowly working its way out of the site, during the night, because of 
the swimming and humidity having compromised the tightness of the 
adhesion of the infusion set -- I imagine you have gone ahead and 
changed it?  Straight-in sets do that, sometimes.  There could even be 
something totally unrelated just by chance happening at the same time 
as the exercise effect and rebound, like a bubble in the tubing, even.

Sorry you're having to go through all this.  Education and practice can 
really help reduce these incidences, but ...   not going to eliminate 
them, I'm afraid.  Your responses sound quite appropriate.  As to the 
idea of reducing the rebound effect -- back when I still had that 
effect, the only way I knew to affect it was by taking insulin (and 
eating to match the insulin).  Anyone know other ways, these days?  It 
would certainly be great to be able to reduce that variable.  Giving 
her insulin and feeding her might not have been the thing you wanted 
most to be doing in the middle of the night!

Really hope tonight is better!

Linda Z

Gabrielle (5 and pumping for 2 months on CoZmo) was 180 at midnight 
then 52
> at 2am so I did the usual 15 carbs 15 minutes thing checked her again  
> and she
> was 40, gave her 15 more carbs plus a little p-nut butter (about  1/4 
> tsp)
> checked her again in 15 minutes and she was 301!!!!
> OK what in the world? So, I did a correction and checked her in an 45
> minutes to an hour and she was over 500...checked her site and all 
> that and
>  corrected her again with crystal light to drink and checked her in 
> about an
> hour
>  266...ok going down good. Well I just checked her an hour later and 
> she has
> gone
> up to 465 so I gave her a shot in her arm and went to the  living room 
> to cry
> and to ask you guys what is going on?
> Our day consisted of swimming in the morning after breakfast, going to 
> a
>  petting zoo type thing (VERY hot and HUMID didn't stay long at all), 
> ate a late
> lunch/dinner at home (she really did not eat much), went swimming until
> bedtime  (about 2.5 hours) which she was 82 when we
> got in the house...good HUH? What happened between 8pm and 2am? Her  
> basal's
> are midnight .30,  4am .15,  9am .20 and  9pm .25  and these have been 
> really
> good for her.
> Could the heat and swimming do all this, this much later?
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