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Re: [IP] IV Prep wipes

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>My insurance company is no longer covering the IV prep wipes when I get 
>my pump supplies from Metronics.  I was wondering where others purchase 
>these from.  I know the insurance was paying $12.00 for a box of 50, but 
>I assume it's more if you don't have insurance.


 Are you sure about that? Did someone at Minimed say that your insurance would
no longer cover them? Back in january when I got a shipment of supplies, they
didn't include the IV Prep wipes. When I called Minimed to ask about them the
woman I spoke to said my insurance no longer covered them as of the 1st of the
year. I thought that was odd, as our insurance renewal is in August and they
have never changed *anything* as of the first of the year. Since it wasn't a
huge amount of money I just went to Minimed's store site to order a box. There
was no place to enter my credit card info, so I placed the order and figured I'd
get a bill, or they'd call for mt CC info. Nope, I got the wipes and when I
checked MM's store site after, I saw they had billed my insurance and my
insurance did pay.

 $12 is Minimed's store price, and if your insurance truly doesn't pay for them
anymore then $12 is what you'll pay. If you order through the online store,
shipping is free. I looked for other vendors before placing my order with
Minimed in january and they had the best price, since shipping is free.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005
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