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[IP] Bill's question

Hi Bill:
I did not respond because I assumed everyone else would and I knew there was a
wealth of info on pump comparison from the home page of Insulin Pumpers.

I started in 1994 with a Minimed 506.  At that time there was not a lot of
pumps to chose from.   I am on my third Minimed pump, the 512.   I love the
pump.  I order all my supplies from Minimed (MM) now called Medtronics
Minimed.    They do all the work for me, I just go online and order and 2-3
days later my stuff is delivered.  The only think I go the pharmacy for is my

The Minimed folks have always been outstanding with immediate technical
support the 3 times I needed them.  They are courteous and supportive and the
tech folks really know their stuff.

The MM pump I wear is small with a great clip on it to clip on my jeans or
pants.  I like the silhouette with the 43 inch tubing.  When I go to bed I
just toss the pump in bed and it goes with me when I move around.    The
tubing has never broken   I have not had but one pump die in twelve years and
I had a new one less than 24 hours  later.

The pump has all the features I want.  I keep it on vibrate so as not to
disturb others.  I test my bg about 8 to 10 times a day.   My Aic is 6.4 and I
am working to get it lower.  I love the features of the MM.

I believe all the pumps are good and will do the job in getting insulin into
your body successfully.  I just like the fact that MM has always been good to
me and I have only the one time in twelve years and 3 pumps when one died.

I use the Paradigm bg meters which talk to the MM pump and I can print out
reports for my Endo (and myself) to see any trends.

Personally, I believe MM is the best company, but I don't want to start a pump

A pump war is when everyone starts yelling about why THEIR pump is best.
Please folks, he asked our opinion and I am giving mine.

 All the pumps are good.  OK?

There you go, Bill.  Feel free to ask any questions you wish.  The one thing I
Know for sure is that I will never give up my pump....it has freed me and
changed my life for the better. So, as someone said many years
ago..........."They will have to pry my pump from my dead cold hands...."

Good luck, Bill.
Bonnie from Bama
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