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Re: [IP] Tattoos/Piercings Problems or Not?

In a message dated 7/31/06 2:57:57 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

How  about this.  You come across a body on the ground and after checking the 
pulse you realize that CPR is indicated but you you don't have any thing  to 
use except your mouth.
Then you notice that  there are tatoos  all over even on the breast.Would 
you still feel the same about putting  your mouth to theirs?
Just think about  it.

What does that mean? Would you not do CPR if someone was covered in  tattoos?
A tattoo does not mean you are dirty (if that was what you were implying)  my 
husband has about 15 and just got the last two last week, I have 7 and 9  
 piercing's, my MIL has 1, my almost 19 year old has 3 and 5 piercing's, my son
-in law has about 6-7 and 2 piercing's and we are the All American family  
I hope if I am ever found unconscience and someone see's tattoo's or  
 piercing's they will not think twice about reviving me or any of my tattooed
members. We do not have Diabetes but my cousin who is about 55 does and  she 
has a couple of tat's too and has them since the early 80's! Just  because 
 someone has tat's that does not mean you are unclean, times have changed since
was only sailors and the lowly type were getting  them.
If that was not you imply then sorry but I was not clear of your  comment.
Tracy in VA
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