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Re: [IP] What in the world is going on?

If after 2 boluses with the pump and there is no improvement, I consider the 
set/site  or the insulin is bad and change out the set first then the 
Since you also gave a bolus with a syringe and it worked
it would confirm the set/site problem.
What type of set do you use??

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Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 5:16 AM
Subject: [IP] What in the world is going on?

> OK I am writing to you guys to help me because I think I am losing my 
> mind!
> Gabrielle (5 and pumping for 2 months on CoZmo) was 180 at midnight then 
> 52
> at 2am so I did the usual 15 carbs 15 minutes thing checked her again  and 
> she
> was 40, gave her 15 more carbs plus a little p-nut butter (about  1/4 tsp)
> checked her again in 15 minutes and she was 301!!!!
> OK what in the world? So, I did a correction and checked her in an 45
> minutes to an hour and she was over 500...checked her site and all that 
> and
> corrected her again with crystal light to drink and checked her in about 
> an
> hour
> 266...ok going down good. Well I just checked her an hour later and she 
> has
> gone
> up to 465 so I gave her a shot in her arm and went to the  living room to 
> cry
> and to ask you guys what is going on?
> Our day consisted of swimming in the morning after breakfast, going to a
> petting zoo type thing (VERY hot and HUMID didn't stay long at all), ate a 
> late
> lunch/dinner at home (she really did not eat much), went swimming until
> bedtime  (about 2.5 hours) which she was 82 when we
> got in the house...good HUH? What happened between 8pm and 2am? Her 
> basal's
> are midnight .30,  4am .15,  9am .20 and  9pm .25  and these have been 
> really
> good for her.
> Could the heat and swimming do all this, this much later?
> Please help me I am exhausted and confused (which may be caused by the
> exhaustion).
> Tracy in VA
> .
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