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 So true, Cynthia. We had to pay a $100 ticket because we forgot to hang our
handicap sign up when we parded at Best Buy. My husband got busy getting the
wheel chair out, and totally forgot all about it (he'd just retired, and I think
his brain had retired, too). The officer had just finished, and he said he was
sorry, but once the ticket was written, there was nothing he could do to change,
even though we *were* legally parked, and told us we could appeal it. It was not
worth it to us, and I can just see the judge making it stand to help a bit on
the memory in the future.

 No problem now, though, because that spurred him on to get our license plate
that he'd been putting off..... so, guess this helped with his procrastination
problem, too. :)

A Happy Pumper and new Power Wheel Chair user in Arkansas!
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Pumping with MiniMed Paradigm 715, 2/06 Humalog. Symlin

On a recent trip, I discovered that "Home is where my kitties are."
Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

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From: Cynthia VanDenBerge <email @ redacted>

I think that an endo's satement would help you.  my question, were you also
on the road at the 3pm test?  If not, you might have been expected to get a
snack to have in hand in case you went low.  Just a thought.  BUT, we can't
always be perfect either.  Cynthia
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