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Re: [IP] My First and Worst Poker

Hi Charles,

You are right. Here in Greece we are the closest to Lebanon EU country
and we terrified for what happens there. Many Greek ships are there in
Lebanon and help to evaluate the foreign citizens from there. Most
people leave Lebanon on Greek ships that leave some of our Islands
without transportation for some days. All these people goes to Cyprus
(where are more than 60.000 refuges already there) and then fly to
their country.

Allot of Greek Organizations send help to Lebanon and we forward more
than 100 tones of argent medicals and food. The Greek section of
Doctors without frontiers and some other Greek organizations are
already there but there is huge problem to transport help to south
Lebanon where it needed more.

Of course there ave diabetics in Lebanon as and in Gaza strip. And
they suffer to find the necessary insulin and needles. Some of them
(in Gaza strip) never had the chance to own a glucose meter and
strips. We try allot sending some equipment to their hospitals. There
are no Lantus or analogs there and they most use NPH and Regular.
Sometimes it is very difficult for them to find some.

I'm not on the part of the Arabs. I know that Israelis have their
rights at this region. So I can't figure out if this war is good or
bad. I just talking about the effects of this war to civilians. It
seems that Israel has a better way to cover the aftermaths of the war
than the Arabs do.

So God help to stop this war and no more Innocent lives lost. The
humanitarian catastrophe there is huge.

Nikos Filippou
Thessaloniki, Greece

> To Nikos Filippou care of I-P site
> You are the closes to Lebnon that we can check with.
> Do they have Diabetics in Lebanon?
> How about Greece offering some special help to them?
> r.soderstrom
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