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 Last week while visiting NYC I tested Blood Glucose at 3PM = 100. At 4:30 i
felt shaky a bit ( my hypoglycemic feelings are totally shot) so at 4:30PM I
test again & my Blood Glucose = 70 . That might sound great but to me I was
dropping & felt uneasy & shaky. So I pull the car over ; insert 25 cents into a
meter & rush into a store for Orange juice. By the time I come back a Meter Maid
is ticketing my vehicle for parking in the Metered parking lane which becomes a
No Parking
 " BUSES ONLY" Lane between 4PM & 7PM. OK , I figure I'll go to Traffic Court
the next day & just tell the judge the truth. I did so & the judge asked me one
question before rendering her decision . "Did you seek "MEDICAL ATTENTION" after
the event passed ? " I told her the true answer that being diabetic for 35 years
a "LOW BLOOD SUGAR EVENT" occurs hunderds of times & it doesn't require a
 doctors assistance to treat .Now she's typing her GUILTY VERDICT & tells me
:"Having the chronic illness diabetes does not constitute a MEDICAL EMERGENY
."and I PAID the fine of $115.00 & left with the APPEALS PAPER in my hand . SO I
need HELP to prove that DIABETES may be a
 chronic illness but a HYPOGLYCEMIC EVENT does constitute a MEDICAL EMERGENCY &
it's effects can temporarily render driving a car "UNSAFE". I NEED HELP to
locate DOCUMENTARY MEDICAL EVIDENCE from the internet to print & include with
the APPEAL of my GUILTY CONVICTION . To win my appeal I must PROVE that the
Judge is WRONG .I need certified MEDICAL FACTS to prove
 that a hypoglycemic event does constitute a "MEDICAL EMERGENCY requiring
IMMEDIATE treatment.
 PLEASE HELP ME FIND FACTS ON THE INTERNET .. Maybe Judge Roslyn Z. Roth would
like to get deluged with letters to educate her about diabetes . She runs her
KANGAROO COURT at TRAFFIC COURT 1400 Williamsbridge Road . Bronx , NY
,10461-2509 .I need help My violation number was 7391658194 . July 25 , 2006 .
My email is email @ redacted
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