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Re: [IP] humalog and heat

Barbara Ziegler wrote:
 >I have had a problem with Humalog becoming denatured in heat.  I  
spent an
afternoon at baseball games in high heat.  Both the insulin in my  
pump and in
the bottle in my purse were shot.  It was pretty spooky because I was  
3 hours
from home.  Since then, I always use a Frio (I'm on Novolog now), and  
carry a paper prescription for Novolog so I don't get in trouble  
again.  I
don't really want to test how long I can be out and to what temperature
extreme.  It isn't worth it.<

I'm not at all surprised at what happened after your afternoon at the  
baseball game. That's at least two, more likely three hours of  
exposure. The bike ride I reported on was not a planned test. It was  
a realization when it happened that I was having an experience that I  
should keep track of, and my training as an electrical engineer took  
over. I ride with my club every Sunday morning, and have only missed  
five times since 1/1/2006. In 11 years of riding with a pump in  
Phoenix I have never experienced a breakdown of the insulin in my  
pump. This morning it was about 20 degrees cooler than last Sunday  
because we got some rain during the night.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000, Cozmo 2005
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