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Re: [IP] Speaking of infection

I never had an infection from an injection into the abdomen.  As a pumper for
8 months, I have had 2 infected sites.  May I also mention I am allergic to
the patch that sticks on the abdomen.  I have to use tegaderm underneath and I
cannot cleanse the site with anything but soap & water and one pass of the
alcohol swab.   Barbara Z.
  ----- I was on MDI for 20 years-always used my abdomen..always used alcohol
  clean syringes.  In the last year I had cellulitis twice on my adbomen, the
  last time, it became systemic and had me hospitalized for 7 days.  Doctors
  talked repeatedly about surgery, though for what precisely I still don't

  After this, my endo told me not to come back unless I was on pump.  I was
  nervous to use the pump as I had been told the abdomen was still the best
  place to use for sites, and in truth, am yet to get one to work anywhere
  else.  I have been pumping for 7 months and so far not a single problem with
  infection on/around any site.

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  Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2006 10:31 PM
  Subject: Re: [IP] Speaking of infection
  > No infections from either finger sticks or infusion sights, but tonight I
  > found
  > that the new sight I had started yesterday with comforts had a raspberry
  > colored
  > bruise the size of a ostrich egg on my abdomen.
  >  Nan
  > email @ redacted<mailto:email @ redacted> wrote:
  > Since the discussion of possible infection has been brought up in regards
  > to
  > finger sticks, I have a question about possible infection at the site of
  > the
  > infusion. I am immunosuppressed due to medication I have to take for
  > autoimmune illnesses...and I have to be especially careful about exposure
  > to
  > potential infection. One thing that has been holding me back about getting
  > a
  > pump is the concern about this...on my part and that of my physicians.
  > Question: Has anyone ever ended up with an infection from their pump? Do
  > you
  > have any sense of why you got the infection? Was it superficial skin or
  > did it
  > become systemic?
  > Again, any thoughts or insights into this issue would be greatly
  > appreciated.
  > Thanks a lot.
  > Sally
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