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Re: [IP] Medtronics vs. Animas

AS a MM 715 user, I agree it isn't loud enough.  That is why I always have it
on vibrate.  I carry it in my bra without any clips.  It stays very snug and
secure between the "pillows".   Barbara Z.
   11:05 PM 7/29/2006, you wrote:
  >  I also have the MM 715 and agree with Stacey, it is very easy to
  > use. Check it

  I'm another 715 user and it's my first pump, so I have no
  comparison.  I find it very easy to use, I like the shape/look/feel
  of it, I like both clips that came with it, I have no problems
  reading the screen.  My complaints about it are:
  - the alarm isn't loud enough
  - can set the Insulin On Board time in full hour increments only and
  I would like it to be in 1/2 hour slots
  - BG reminder and temp basal times are in half hour increments, 15
  minutes would be better
  - you can't set a BG reminder unless you actually bolus some insulin
  - the pump doesn't store BG readings or carb intake unless there's a
  bolus to go along with it

  Type 1 dx 4/1987
  Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005
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