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Re: [IP] Tattoos/Piercings Problems or Not?

You shouldn't have any problems with a tattoo.  Any reputable artist 
uses a new and/or clean needle so you can't get Hepatitis C.  All it 
should do is cause a little bit of stress due to tissue injury.  Now, my 
darling 28-year old daughter went out and got her navel pierced and that 
stresses me out.  Plus my granddaughter was admiring Auntie's tummy and 
she wants hers done, too.  In 19 years, when you're 21, Beanie, you can 
do that, too.

And, a rose seems like it will be pretty.

email @ redacted wrote:
>Lately, I have had the greatest desire to get a tattoo, just a  little tiny 
 > red rose, on my calf. Does anyone here have a tattoo &/or any advice for me?
>would appreciate  it very much. I ran it by my endo &  he looked horrified & 
>he said he thought I could do w/o it. I ran it by my  CDE who said my request 
>for this type of info was a first for her & she  would get back to me. This 
 > was months ago. I admit, I did forget about & I think she wasn't going to
>it up w/o me asking. LOL!! I have had pierced  ears since I was 16 yo. I 
 >unhappily had to remove all 6 when I was in the hospital for heart surgery 2
 > years ago. Finally going to get them re-pierced in the next couple of weeks.
>never had any  problems.
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