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Re: [IP] Tattoos/Piercings Problems or Not?

Stormy - I just got my second tattoo over Mother's Day weekend!

Go for it!!

My only suggestion - rethink where you want it.  Your calf will  
always be visible.  When you wear panty hose - when you're dressed in  
evening wear - when you're the mother of the bride - when you're at a  
business meeting.  Etc.  You get the point.  It's more fun to have a  
tattoo that is a secret...mine are both on my hips.  Only people I  
care to share the info with know it.  I have to show them, I have to  
feel like letting them in on the secret.

I healed just fine.  Never even asked about my pump or if I was  
diabetic.  Hasn't changed one thing about how I care for myself.  I  
just have a secret - my husband LOVES it - my kids just roll their  
eyes.  But of course, I tell them they can't get one until THEY are  

good luck - and always go bigger than you think.  My first one is the  
size of a golf ball - and I wish I had gone a bit bigger!!


On Jul 30, 2006, at 11:25 AM, email @ redacted wrote:
> Lately, I have had the greatest desire to get a tattoo, just a   
> little tiny
>  red rose, on my calf. Does anyone here have a tattoo &/or any  
> advice for me? I
> would appreciate  it very much. I ran it by my endo &  he looked  
> horrified &
> he said he thought I could do w/o it. I ran it by my  CDE who said  
> my request
> for this type of info was a first for her & she  would get back to  
> me. This
>  was months ago. I admit, I did forget about & I think she wasn't  
> going to bring
> it up w/o me asking. LOL!! I have had pierced  ears since I was 16  
> yo. I
> unhappily had to remove all  6 when I was in  the hospital for  
> heart surgery 2
>  years ago. Finally going to get them re-pierced in the next couple  
> of weeks. I
> never had any  problems.
> .

Susan Keuter

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