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Re: [IP] Basal tune up

My basals are ridiculous.  I did them in 2002 as instructed in Pumping 
Insulin and had them where I liked them and then my doctor started 
increasing them every time I encountered a little problem.  And whenever 
an insulin reaction happened, and I ate a ton of food then he increases 
them.  But I hate writing anything down.  Shades of the '50s and '60s 
when we had to do everything the doctors said, even when they went 
berserk.  I wrote a letter to him last night about IP and so expect him 
to be out here shortly reading everything all of us wrote!  He is very 
cool that way.  So naturally, after all of this extra food and insulin, 
I am 30 lbs overweight.  So I will try to get a normal BG when I get up 
in the morning - I think my overnight rates are OK.  So if we don't 
synchronize, I want to try testing the morning basal first. Naturally, 
no taking Symlin in a basal rate test phase.

Denise On pump #5 - Deltec Cozmo and Symlin 40 years of diabetes

Sandy Palmer wrote:
>Hi again
 > Is anyone in the position right now that they know their basal is way off and
>would like to adjust with me?
>  It is easier for me if I have someone to fast with me and talk to than it is
>doing it alone. You can email me personally if that is ok.
>  Samipa email @ redacted and just leave out the space. Wasn't sure if the entire
>email would show that is why I did it this way.
>  Sandy going on 13years of disetronic, now minimed and wouldn't trade it for
>the world.
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