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RE: [IP] My First and Worst Poker

When I was using the Ames Glucometer I used single lancets wrapped in paper.
They were a piece of metal bent in a v shape about 1 inch long. I had to
manually poke the finger. I had a box of 100
and I did not reuse them. 

John S Wilkinson, 
Rome, New York

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My first meter was similar to the ones people are writing about.  Spot of 
blood wash it and put it in the door thing.
But the Poker that came with mine was very different than any other one I 
ever had after that.
To illustrate what it did.  Take your index finger and bend it half way and 
then rotate your wrist down so tip of the finger hits the table top.  This 
is arch motion is how the needle entered the finger
I do not think that the needle was even replaceable.  The thing made an arch

and enter the  finger tip with a tearing /cutting motion.. Competitors came
out with better ones soon after that. Can any other of you old timers
remembe that one.

No infected fingers using lances.
I did have infected sites fairly frequently when I was on my pump.  There 
have been no problems with infections since my endcrinologist sugested I go 
back on syringes five times a day. Two Lantus  AM and PM and  Novalog before

each meal, plus extras as needed. A1c's about 7.4
Charles Soderstrom Dx T1, 0ct 1953 at age 19
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