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Re: [IP] Speaking of infection

 Sally, I take Prednisone daily - *was* prophylactically, now upped dosage for
at least two months treatment - for multiple autoimmune diseases, and so far I
have had no problems with pump related infections. i *have* had some uti
problems for over a year, but those are nearly gone since recently *probably*
getting rid of four kidney stones via lithotripsy since last November; the last
one was a couple of weeks ago, and I'm due for my follow-up appointment Monday,
and will find out the status of the stones then. *Think* we finally got all of
the last one; at least I am feeling optimistic about it. :-)
 As far as the pump is concerned..... GO FOR IT!!! Amongst all the other
problems, now at least I can get better control of my diabetes since on the
pump!! One less major problem now with better controll!


A Happy Pumper and new Power Wheel Chair user in Arkansas!
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Pumping with MiniMed Paradigm 715, 2/06 Humalog. Symlin

On a recent trip, I discovered that "Home is where my kitties are."
Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

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Subject: [IP] Speaking of infection

 Since the discussion of possible infection has been brought up in regards to
finger sticks, I have a question about possible infection at the site of the
infusion. I am immunosuppressed due to medication I have to take for other
autoimmune illnesses...and I have to be especially careful about exposure to
potential infection. One thing that has been holding me back about getting a
pump is the concern about this...on my part and that of my physicians.

 Question: Has anyone ever ended up with an infection from their pump? Do you
have any sense of why you got the infection? Was it superficial skin or did it
become systemic?

 Again, any thoughts or insights into this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

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