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Re: [IP] insulin bottle almost empty, what to do?

Hi Tom

I pull as much as I can from the first bottle (and inject air into it). When
there is no more, I make sure that most of the bubbles from the syringe are
gone.  I then continue to fill the syringe (without prefilling with air,
thus creating a vacuum) from the second bottle. Since there is no air in the
syringe after the first draw, and if I'm careful, I can continue to fill
from the second bottle with out introducing a bubble.  If I do get a bubble
I am not all that concerned about mixing a little insulin in the  second
bottle to get rid of the bubble.  If you're paranoid about mixing, you could
get rid of the bubble after you pull the needle from the second bottle.  I
don't know how long you've been filling syringes, but those of us old timers
for years, mixed NPH and Regular in the same syringe without problems.


> From: Tom Bell <email @ redacted>
> Reply-To: email @ redacted
> Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 22:46:15 -0400
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] insulin bottle almost empty, what to do?
> Hi all, I was just changing my reservoir, and had to 'fish' through a
> bunch of older bottles to find the one that had the most insulin.
> You see, when my insulin gets almost empty in the vial, I open a new
> one, and save the little bit left in the vial for shots, 'just in
> case shots', which I don't do very often, like once or twice every 6
> months, so I was curious what others do. I use to use the last drop
> then pull air back into the reservoir, and push all the air and
> insulin from the other bottle into a new one, then redraw up the
> insulin. So I'm mixing 2 different vials, I never liked doing that so
> I stopped. I have 12 almost empty bottles, what do you all suggest?
> throw them out? mi them all up? my butter compartment needs some space.
> So I look forward to some advice from this wonderful group.
> Thanks in advance.
> Tom dx'd '98
> pumping with the 508 since 01/05, 715 since 02/06
> 33 yo
> I live in Novi MI
> .
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