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Re: [IP] Re: Changing Lancets

> Oh MY :-)
> I have been a Diabetic for 38 years. At one point in my life I
> actually
> went 1 year using ONE lancet. I don't do that any longer but I
> really
> don't like changing them because every time I do, not only does it
> hurt
> more, I also bleed more. Go figure!!! I do wash my hands before and
> after -- sometimes I use the alcohol swipes.
> Nancy Reindl

Actually there is a pretty good explanation about why that occurs. The 
lancet is actually a very small knife that is coated with a silicon 
lubricant. The blade of the knife is "ultra" sharp. If you are curious, 
take out a new one and draw the edge of it across a few items you don't 
mind slicing to smithereens.

The first day or so that you use it, the lubricant wears off pretty 
much completely which results in the edge dulling and getting 
nicked/chipped, etc... very quickly.... another way to say it gets 
"dull". After that, you are basically poking your finger with a dull 
needle 'cause it's round and small. If you are even more curious, take 
a look at the blade/point under a very strong magnifying glass or 
pocket microscope before/after you use one of them. If you really did 
change it daily or so... then you could use less penetration and it 
would blast a smaller hole in your finger ;-)    But... I agree, it's a 
nusiance to change the darn things.

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