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Re: [IP] changing lancets! Anyone ever get an infection?????? Please let me kno

Oh, well, I had one of those primitive early glucose meters and the 
instructions were to swab your finger with alcohol before testing and 
let it dry. You're not lazy... Perhaps the educators have relaxed their 
standards over the past few years.  I am very relieved not to have to 
carry tons of diabetic paraphanalia around with me.  It's funny, but the 
thing that I most often forget to pack for camping are lancets...and 
then I use the same one for 3 days in a row.  I've never had an infected 
finger, either. I've had 3 site infections, though, and one of them put 
me in the hospital for 4 days.  The importance of skin cannot be 
underrated.  I have had a college-level course in microbiology and there 
are all kinds of little critters out there who want into a nice warm 
nuturing environment like our bodies. 


email @ redacted wrote:
>I truly don't know when I last had a tetanus vaccine.   I'm still using my 1 
 >lancet a day (test at least 12 X a day) & from what many peeps on this thread
> have stated, I guess  I'm a "newbie" (can't think of another word).   I've 
> never gotten an infection. It's just a teensy-weensy little poke, squeeze out
>a drop or 2  & the little itsy-bitsy poke hole closes up in nano  secs.  Just 
>my own thoughts. No flame intended. What you say really  has merit but I'm 
>just plain lazy.   
>suzeeq78   :-))))))
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