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Re: [IP] Re: Comparing Pumps ---- I'm reminiscing...............

 I was dx 22ish years ago and I remember not reacting to well to pork insulin.
Was a mess. My mom would drag me to the ER several times a wk b/c of lows that
she couldn't handle b/c I would not cooperate with her and would pass out.
  The first time I was offered a pump was 19 years ago. I was 12 and would NOT
have it. Then at 19 I finally came around to it and I would never give it up
ever again. My husband knows that if we ever get to the point that insurance
will not cover something like the sensor that we WILL be buying it. Anything to
make our quality of life better and I need to be around for my 3yr old.
  Sooo eagerly awaiting my BLUE 522 and the sensor. :o)))))) My 512 is purple
right now. I feel that if you need to wear a medical device such as the pump
then at least have fun with it. Most people just assume it's my pager ha ha. I
never hide it. It is always clipped to my pants so it's open and accessible if I
need it. I have trouble hearing the pump so if it is out in the open I hear it
better. When I had the disetronic I would have the colorful clips for it.

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