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[IP] Re: Fingersticks and testion

Of course I test.  Sometimes I think I test so often that I'm supporting 
a Mercedes payments
for some FreeStyle executive! I use my forearms and thighs for testing 
because the Therasense
FreeStyle glucometers require a miniscule droplet of blood, much smaller 
than the other meters
I've used over the years.Occasionally I'll have a little "bleeder" that 
leaves a bruise on my
forearm but I'll take the bruise over the sore and numb fingers any day! 
(That bruise generates
some interesting conversations with patients!) Also, the  Freestyle 
Cozmonitor is attached to
the back of my Cozmo pump communicating with the pump via the IR 
(infrared) port making
it much quicker and easier to program a correction bolus when it's 
necessary. I just did my
testing routine and start to finish the testing alone took less than 
fifteen seconds. My pump told
me my BG was 130 and by the time it gave me my 2.5 unit correction bolus 
a whole minute
and ten seconds had elapsed. I love my Cozmo!
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