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Re: [IP] Re: Comparing Pumps ---- I'm reminiscing...............

" I became diabetic in 1966.   Our diets back then were high fat, 
high protein, low carb.  Guaranteed  to kill you if the insulin didn't 
get you first - slower than molasses in  January stuff that let your 
sugars soar, then hit like a ton of  bricks.  Complete with abnormal 
proteins that plugged capillaries and  arteries with wild abandon to 
cause amputations, blindness and heart  attacks.  Back 40 years ago, if 
you had 2 BGs done in a year, you were  overly concerned about your 
    I read the above paragraph &  was suddenly struck by how diabetes care 
has changed.  I remember  my mom & the nurse holding me down & the doc getting 
my blood  drawn. I was the world's worst patient. The part that is to laugh 
 about now is that the doc called my mom & told her that my BG, from last
@ 2:30  PM was 228. A lot of good that would do anyone!!! I remember the ole 
cup in the  bathroom to pee in but that was beneath anything I would consider 
doing.   When I was reading posts from other members, I really had NO idea 
 that pumps were around 20 years ago. OK, they may not have ben as "smart" as
ones today  but it was still better than injections.  My question is: "WHERE 
THE HECK  WAS I?" I know!! I was "in the closet" denying I was a diabetic &  
 also anything to do with diabetes!! What kid wants to be different? I didn't.
I was also pretty close-mouthed about it as I grew older. Today, I  don't 
 think there is anyone anywhere who doesn't know I'm a diabetic. I love my IP. I
wouldn't go back to injections, especially when I was taking up  to 8 a day. 
suzeeq78 --  pumping w/ Medtronics  Minimed  Paradigm 515 since 4/2005
   (doesn't spell anything cute spelled  backwards  -- DEMINIM?? LOL!! 
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