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RE: [IP] Trader Joes?

 The poster didn't say if they had "organic" on the label or if they were just
calling them "farm-raised", or both, or what. It would make a difference. Since
Trader Joe's tends to carry a lot of organic stuff (I've looked at the products
on their website, just haven't actually been to one in person yet), I was giving
the reason they might be carrying farm-raised fish vs wild fish *if* they
happened to be calling it organic. It depends on how they are labelling. I know
how the organic thing works with chickens/eggs and it seems reasonably safe to
assume that the organic label works the same with other things (organic
vegetables can't use pesticides etc.)
 Also, I did look for info about calling fish organic and found sources that
said both yes and no, hence why I said I didn't know if you could even call them
organic (felt that was the safer route to take. It just wasn't clear to me which
was right so I didn't want to say one way or the other not knowing for sure.)
 Since you apparently know the right answer, I sincerely ask that you please
share it with the rest of us so we can stop speculating on what might be going
 Take care, Kerri - proud mom of 8 in western OR :)
 "Work hard, live simply, give liberally, save wisely." - John Coblentz,
Christian Family Living
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