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RE: [IP] Trader Joes?

> Also I don't really believe farm fresh fish is worse for you. The
> government
> suggests limits on the amount of 'Natural Environment' fish because of
> the
> Mercury. 

Farm raised fish is usually fed protein pellets made from other fish. 
The result it that the farm raised fish "further" concentrate the 
contaminents that are in the fish that made up the pellets. As a rough 
estimate, some farm raised fish contain 2 to 10 times the 
concentrations of mecury and PCB's that are found in wild varieties.

from the Science Journal
Science Journal: In January 2004, the journal Science warned that 
farmed salmon contain 10 times more toxins (PCBs, dioxin, etc.) than 
wild salmon. The study recommends that farmed salmon should be eaten 
once a month, perhaps every two months as they pose cancer risks to the 
human beings.

In addition....

FDA statistics on the nutritional content (protein and fat-ratios) of 
farm versus wild salmon show that:

o The fat content of farmed salmon is excessively high--30-35% by 

o Wild salmon have a 20% higher protein content and a 20% lower fat 
content than farm-raised salmon.

o Farm-raised fish contain much higher amounts of pro-inflammatory 
omega 6 fats than wild fish. 

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>  The reason Trader Joe's sells farm-raised fish is probably because,
> for a
> product to be certified "organic", you have to know the history of
> and
> control what goes into the animal (or in this case, fish). The
> contents of
> their diet can be controlled in a farm-raised environment...they are
> probably fed organic fish food. This is how it works with chickens
> and
> selling their eggs (you have to feed them certified organic chicken
> feed.
> You wouldn't be able to call a free range egg "organic" because you
> can't
> control what the chicken eats when free ranging. They aren't the same
> thing
> even though they are both healthier for you than one from a an
> overcrowded
> chicken factory of unknown practices.) I'm sure the organic stuff
> works the
> same way with fish as well.
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