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[IP] 522 musings...

Hi all,
 I was thinking about differences that have occurred for me regarding where I
put my pump now that I've moved from the RT to the Paradigm 522. I've noticed
many postings about where one wears their pumps.I will say (1 year of pumping)
that I've kept the pump mostly on the small paradigm clip on waistband. I'm the
head of HR for large global company, and I decided it was important for me
personally to make sure that employees, the board, ldrshp team all saw it as
"normal" way of life. The ignorance ( I was one of them not so long ago) about
T1 is so big - I won't go into that here as so many of you have lived it way
longer than me...
 Anyway, I had started to put my pump in calf pouch, tried bra - different
places when I was wearing long skirts or in situations mainly due to
"accessorizing" or waistbands that couldn't take weight of the pump. But, with
the 522, that has changed dramatically for me since one can read one's BGs at
any moment. Also, the 522 pump and sensor alignment is more sensitive than the
RT monitor/sensor was. As Nikkos has mentioned, it seems to work best
signal-wise to be on same side/near same side of body. I wear sensors in my
triceps usually in cooler weather (but have golfed recently a few different days
with sleeveless shirts looking like bionic woman with the pump on waist and
sensor/transmitter on arm...) and back/upper buttock or thighs otherwise. I keep
my abdomen for cannulas. But, it's funny how I won't wear the pump anywhere else
now or when I put it in casual pants pocket and realize I have to keep pulling
it out when I want to "check in." it's also funny how 2
  hours for a sensor to initialize now seems like a long time when I did finger
pokes that far apart regularly.
 One major drawback on the 522 is the alarm (or lack thereof). I think someone
else mentioned that here. With the RT, even the lowest alarm woke me easily at
night. Now, the loudest alarm on 522 is barely audible. During day I have on
vibrate as I can rarely hear (I have fine hearing in terms of std tests) amidst
traveling, working, meetings. I think it's 15 minutes later that it alarms more
persistently and I do wake up. I used to wear a lot of pocket spaghettie strap
shirts from Pump Wear for sleeping, but if I have that layer of cotton pocket
over pump it's even harder. Obviously with some lows, 15 mins can be too long!
So, I am now like many of you sleeping with the pump loose in the bed.
Interesting adjustments as the pocket shirts were so great.
 I am wearing sensors 9 days right now as having the insertion longer for me
seems too long. The sensors work great that long - just amazing how accurate
they can be that many days later. I cannot wear transmitter pads for more than a
couple days as my skin gets irritated. I've started wearing sensor, keeping
transmitter "loose, and cover sensor and lead between sensor and transmitter
with 1 - 2 IV3000. This seems to work as long as I arrange where I am placing
the sensor.
That's it - just some observations in the world of 522-land...
T1: 02.05; Paradigm 522
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