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Re: [IP] insulin resistance and pumps

I'm a type 2 with lots of insulin resistance using a pump.  With  injections, 
my dawn phenomenon was unbeatable - I'd routinely wake up with BG  over 200.  
With the pump, I've been able to tame that down to a reasonable  around 100 
almost every day.
The pump helps a lot, I think, with insulin resistance because one of the  
things it does is give you the insulin slowly so it's better absorbed.
pre-pump I was using about 200 units a day, now, with the pump and byetta,  I 
usually use around 95-110 units a day, most of that for basal since the 
byetta  takes care of most of my meals.
Pumps are great for anyone - better control - easier to tailor insulin to  
real needs - all that applies to an insulin resistant diabetic too.
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