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Re: [IP] RE: Type 1.5 or LADA

Hi Shirley,

I didn't fit the bill of a type 2 either:  I was physically fit and a
runner, and dx'd at age 39 as a type 2.  I started to lose a few
pounds a week for no reason, started drinking gallons of water and
urinating at least every two hours.  My HBA1C was 14.3.  My primary
care at the time put me on pills, told me I was type 2, and sent me to
a diabetes education class.

At the class, I learned that it was possible I was type 1 (my father
was and my sister is type 1).  I went to the Joslin Center in Boston,
and tested positive for antigad antibodies; I was re-dx'd as type 1.

No honeymoon that I recall.


-Gary Krauch

Gary in MA, Age 47, Type 1- 1998,
Animas 1250 IR, OneTouch Ultra,
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