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Re: [IP] insulin resistance and pumps

 I am insulin resistent. I tried symlin from Oct 05 - March 06 with little
results.. lots of bruising...very expensive.. big pain in the butt (and tummy!).
So even though I am Type 1 my doc convinced me to try metformin.. started on
that in March and saw some decreases in numbers and lowered some boluses etc,
have no lowered some basal points as she upped my dose. I am delighted with it..
it only costs me $10/month as opposed to the $50 that Symlin did. I am slowly
starting to lose weight and have my total daily insulin down to around 50-60
units a day dependping upon what I eat. My basal is slightyly under 30 units.
 At the same time I started the metformin was also when I dropped my statin for
niacin - she did say that niacin will up your resistence and that was why she
wanted me on the metformin and why i agreed. Well the niacin is doing it's
thing.. the metformin is doing it's thing so the insulin can do it's thing and I
am getting my act together.. not totally where i want to be yet but it's getting
linda & Dax 
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