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Re: [IP] Trader Joes?

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> Unless they have changed drastically in the five years i've been gone from
>vegas I wouldn't describe them like whole foods because
>1) prices.. always found them very reasonable on most all.
> 2) attitude.. they are laid back and kind of fun.. i find whole foods to be
>quite snobby
>Linda & dax 

 I love Trader Joe's (and Whole Foods). There are none where I live but they're
both a short walk away from my job. I pick stuff up and take it home, but can't
get much frozen food since I take a bus home (1 hour commute). The only bad
thing about Trader Joe's is that you often have to buy fresh fruit/veggies in a
pre set quantity. Apples are packed 4 to a package, a basket of kiwi fruit, etc.
The TJ's here in NYC at least doesn't have scales, so you can't buy by the
pound. Everything is pre-weighed, packaged & priced - and the prices are much
better than Whole Foods but they don't have anywhere near the selection. Trader
Joe's is great for cereal, if you're one of the people who can handle cereal for
breakfast (I can). I haven't had any good experiences with any of their whole
wheat pita breads (I've tried 3 kinds/sizes) so I avoid getting it there now. It
was always dry/stale tasting even with a good expiration date on the package.

 They have a great deal on Light string cheese, much cheaper than anything I've
bought in a regular supermarket.

 I agree that the people who work at Trader Joe's are much nicer than the ones
at Whole Foods.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005
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