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Re: [IP] gastroparesis

It's called Big Business.  You know that there was a deal struck between 
the US and Canada regarding beef imports...Canadian beef gets let in to 
the US, if and only if the Canadian mail order pharmacies quit selling 
to American customers.  I suppose we all belong on Spirit for this, so 
I'm not naming names, especially not 4-letter ones.  Same type thing 
with Mexico.  The FDA cites the thalidomide tragedy and there was 
another one with some cholesterol drug - back in the '70s maybe.  That 
one didn't kill a lot of people or produce deformed babies.  You know, 
it took several years for the Glucowatch to get approved...and Symlin 
took 4 or more.


Becky Draper wrote:
>I have had gastroparesis for 2 years.  I have been taking Propulsid obtained
>from Mexico.  Propulsid is a motility drug.  The generic is Cisapride and
>the name of the drug in Mexico is Cisaprida or Presistin.  The cost for 30
>tablets of Presistin is about $5.41 USD (full price) for 30 tablets.  The
>cost for Cisaprida is about $4.49 USD (full price) for 30 tablets.  This
>stuff works great for keeping the food moving through your slow digestive
>system vs. chucking it all back up (been there; done that).  No prescription
>is required for these drugs in Mexico. There are no quantity limits on
>purchases of either of these drugs.   I lived in Mexico for 4 years and was
>lucky enough to be able to get it easily.  I moved back to the U.S. about 1
>year ago, and unfortunately I can not obtain the drug in the U.S. because it
>is on the FDA banned list.  Some American drs. will assist you with getting
>the drug (Propulsid) if nothing else works for you (and there aren't many
>alternative drugs available in the US that do work well for this problem).
>Drs. in the U.S. may prescribe Erythromycin (it simply irritates the stomach
>into emptying) or Reglan.  Reglan has a load of crappy side affects.
>Another motility medication similar to Propulsid is called Domperidone.
>It's sold in just about every country except the U.S.  Nexium (which can be
>obtain in the U.S.) will assist with the nausea and the "tennis ball in the
>throat" feeling.
>This whole experience left me with several perplexed feelings.  Why is the
>FDA banning drugs that are easily available in all other countries except
>the U.S?  Why is that I can buy a box of 30 pills for about $5.00 full price
>in Mexico, yet my insurance co-pay for the same drug in the U.S. is $20.00
>or $40.00 or even $100.  After 4 years of prescription drug freedom in
>Mexico, I am once again at the mercy of my health insurance company
>dictating what I can and can not be prescribed by my dr.  It's all so very
>If anyone on the list takes a vacation to Mexico, check out the pharmacies
>for yourself and you will be shocked at how much more affordable the meds
>are.  Look for stores that say "farmacia" or "pharmacia."  The best national
>pharmacy chain in Mexico is called "Farmacia Similares"  It's a pharmacy
>chain that sells nothing but generic drugs.  The prices are fantastic.  If
>any of you get any crazy ideas about doing this, please be aware that there
>are regulations for bringing prescription meds back across the border into
>the U.S.  Tip....unpackage your meds and dump them all in a vitamin bottle.
>I sure hope that last comment doesn't get me kicked off the list or
>email @ redacted
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