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RE: [IP] Re: Almost a week with this pump

 I don't at all think you're over-reacting to the blood sugar readings. I just
don't think you have
 the RIGHT reaction. I consider anything over 200 mg/dl to be an emergency,
myself. The question is,
what is the cause of the problem and what do you do about it.

 Suggestion: Next time you eat a Southwestern Chicken Salad -- inject your bolus
instead of taking it
by pump, and see what happens.

 You shouldn't see any difference. Repeat that a couple times. If you
consistently get different
 results, then that tells you that you're not getting the insulin you're
programming. That's one kind
 of problem. If you get the SAME results, it tells you that there's something
wrong with the amounts
 of insulin you're getting, either as basal or as mealtime. That's a different
kind of problem.

 Either way -- you've divided the problem in half. If it's on the delivery side,
then you need to
 look at things like air bubbles, improperly inserted cannulas, or even a
defective pump.

You can sort this out! And it will be worth it, when you do.

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  I have a trainer and I realize that this thing takes time. I even had a better
experience tonight
 by eating a Southwestern Chicken Salad at Jack In the Box and programming 45
units in my thing(that
salad could not have been worth more than
 30!) I got a 275 reading, then I corrected it, went over to my friends house
for two hours, came
 back and got a 310 reading...something has to be wrong with this piece of crap.
$6,000 should
 provide for a quality product that adds some form of satisfaction to one's
life. I hate minimed, I'd
 rather risk going low, then not being able to eat a salad with this horrific
  Honestly, I don't want to go low, in fact, the ultimate decision maker for me
was having the
 paramedics called on me by my father, two months ago...that had never happened
in the 9 years of
 having this. I don't want to go low, but my diabetes is so messed up now, I
guess some person was
 saying that I shouldn't blame the pump, but this thing is mine, and I have a
right to express my
 dissatisfaction with this thing. My trainer keeps saying this will correct
itself within time of
 writing down stuff and calculating. If you were in my position, I think you
would feel the same, I
 don't think I'm overreacting here...I mean, I don't want renal failure, limb
amputations, loss of
erectile function when I'm 40, or any of that stuff.
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