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[IP] is my bolus wizard stupid?

This afternoon my BG was 200, so I corrected with 2.6 units.  Now, my bolus
wizard told me 1.8, but I hiked it up because I thought I might need an extra
boost, my Gs can be stubborn in the heat.   An hour later my BG was 108.  I
still had 1.1 units IOB so I ate a cookie to keep from going low.  My bolus
wizard told me to bolus .5 unit!  Now, why would it say that?  Shouldn't it
know that if I'm almost at my target with that much insulin left over I don't
need more?

My correction was not taken with food, so the pump "knew" it was a correction.
An hour later I was 94, with the cookie.  If I'd followed the wizard's advice
I'd be low.  I think my wizard needs to go back to school.

Mrs. Yessi Palmer
Paradigm 515
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