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RE: [IP] Trader Joes?

 <<I'm confused by this statement. It's not clear if you are saying Farm raised
fish is bad for you or the other way around. Why is this the case anyway.>>
 Farm raised fish are raised in groups of several hundreds in pens.. either on a
fish farm or in a bay of some sort.
 Their food that they eat is highly concentrated fish protein, which basically a
ground up meal of other fish.
 With the Farm raised salmon (IMHO ICK)they are fed and fattened up, and then
about a week before slaughter they feed them dye pellets otherwise their flesh
would be white.
Farm raised fish are higher in toxins and herbacides. 
Example of how wild vs farm raised salmon. (I only eat wild caught fish). 
 FDA suggests no more than 6 oz of farm raised fish per week because of the
petrochemicals and toxins and such, but if it is wild caught you can eat 10-12
 Wild fish also contain more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (heart healthy
fats) than farm raised (about a third more).
 Trader Joes is more of a Specialty market than a grocery store, they are a
higher end store for those that expect quality over quantity.

r. Leppanen
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