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Re: [IP] what to use for corrections?

<<< I'm kind of surprised by that--we're not allowed food in the lab at work
either, and that's a rule that they really don't want us to break >>>

Interesting. I have a couple of reactions to that.

First off; who are they to go against doctor's orders when it won't impair 
your job performance?

Second; we don't have any dangerous chemicals in our lab. If it's a 
biohazard area, I leave something right outside the room (in the shower 
area), but normally I'm just in and out of clean rodent rooms all day, and 
the lab is where my workstation is located. I have no other desk.

We were on our way to do a procedure one day right before lunch and I 
mentioned to our director (she was going to be doing the procedure) that I 
was bringing along a snack, just in case, and she told me; no food, except 
for Laura, no one else should have any food on them.

This is my fourth job working in a lab, and when my boss (or any other 
person) knows why I carry something on me, they don't usually have a 
problem. In fact, I've had people who were hypoglycemic come up to me and 
ask me if I had a snack because they had not thought to come prepared, 

Laura & Lil Bit
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