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[IP] Welcome Michael on one week of pumping

Hi Michael,

Wow, one week of pumping.......frustrating I am sure.  I have had Minimed
Pumps for over 12 years, 3 different pumps.  When I first got my 506, it took
weeks of adjustments to get a consistent good reading...80-150.   It took me
doing fasting tests from when I wake up to noon (I have big time dawn
phenomenon and it literally took years to master that problem).  Learning to
get my carb to insulin ratio took more than 2 months with tweaks after that.
I did fasting noon til midnight to get those ratios adjusted.   Then did
fasting tests midnight to 6:00 AM to get those ratios adjusted.  Even after 12
years, I have to make basal adjustments, slight tweaks here and there.

While I am much better in Carb counting than in the beginning, that is always
a challenge.   Things are not always what they say they are. Eating out is
treacherous territory because restaurants put so much fat and salt and hidden
things in their food.

My point is, one week is just a baby step in the overall picture of pumping.
It must be difficult to be so frustrated, but getting it all worked out takes
time.   You will probably be faster at mastering carbs, activity, insulin and
the other ratios than I was, but I would wager no one on this list had it all
mastered in one week.

Please run, don't walk to the nearest book store or go to Insulin Pumpers home
page and order the book, "PUMPING INSULIN" by John Walsh and read it all.
You will learn a lot of good stuff to help you get to that 6. quickly.

You will undoubtedly get a lot of folks saying the same thing.
Glad to have you here.   Hang in and ask all the questions you want.
Bonnie from Bama
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