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[IP] RE: Almost a week with this

Hi Michael, A few words of advice re: starting the pump.   Pumps are like
computers (actually, I guess they are a computer). Pens are very simple,
while pumps have a lot of bits and pieces (reservoirs, sets) and
programmming (bolus, basal, correction, etc).   My approach would be to
minimize the number of variables that can go wrong.   1. Make sure the
pump is really working, check with the trainer or even get a different
pump if necessary. If it really isn't working, they will exchange it.  
2. Fast for part or all of a day to check that your basals are correct.
Test at least every 2 hours during this time, preferably more. Your BGs
should not go up or down by more than 20, I believe. Once you know that
your BGs are stable without eating, then you can test your carb ratios.  
3. Make sure that you do not have tiny air bubbles in your reservoir.
These can make your BGs go nuts. I find that prefilling a reservoir, then
letting it go to room temperature helps consolidate any bubbles that
sneak in.   4. Make sure that your site is in correctly.   5. Eat food
with known carb counts, so that you can make sure that your carb ratios
are correct. This is only for a while, once your ratios are ok you can
eat out again. Also, try to avoid eating really fatty or heavy protein
meals while you're doing your ratio, because these can act differently in
your body. Pizza and chinese food are in this category.   Remember that
the pump is more like your body. It delivers only fast-acting insulin.
There is no long-acting to slowly bring you down if you underestimate the
carbs in a meal. Any mistakes you make in carb counting are more visible.
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