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Re: [IP] what to use for corrections?

<<<At work, even though we're not supposed to have food in the lab, I have 
been approved to keep a packet of the peanut M&Ms in my labcoat at all 

I'm kind of surprised by that--we're not allowed food in the lab at work 
either, and that's a rule that they really don't want us to break (I 
certainly don't mind that because there's no way I would want to eat in the 
lab anyway with all of the chemicals).  I can just go back to my desk to eat 
if I need to (it's just outside of the lab door).  Unless I'm very low, I 
try to wash my hands before I test or eat too.  I usually test ~ 5 times 
while I'm at work, so I usually know where I am at any given time.  I do 
worry sometimes because if I were to pass out in the lab, I probably 
wouldn't get sugar very quickly because of all of the other potential 
reasons that I could be down (like cyanide poisoning).  Nearly everyone 
knows I'm diabetic, but that still doesn't mean it would be the first thing 
to come to their minds.

Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00

btw, I'm all about glucose tablets and skittles for lows.  GTs are good 
because it's really hard for me to overtreat (because they're like eating 
chalk in my opinion), and skittles are good when I'm having a stubborn low 
because they're really good and I'll eat a whole bag (no problems keeping BG 
up after that!).
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