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[IP] Re: Heat

 I used to always go low during the heat especially before having a pump. I have
been able to control it better with a pump. I generally have nedded to increase
my basals in the winter and decrease them in the summer. This last heat wave I
had the opposite problem. I was working hard in the garage and sweating up a
storm and my BG soared. I think possibly dehydration played a part even though I
tried to drink a lot. I also have to take into consideration that I'm on more
medications now and have more health conditions so I think the heat is more
stressful for me now.

 Type 1 - 32 years pumping 7 years, with other auto-immune disorders
(hypothyroid - 31 years, celiac - 2 1/2 years and rheumatoid arthritis - 2
years) and sleep apnea - 1 year.
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