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Re: [IP] heat

At 10:15 AM 7/24/2006, email @ redacted wrote:
>I have a question.  I am sure once I get a pump my instructions will  cover 
> this (still deciding and seeing reps this week). But it is running through my
>mind now as I am reading.  I have a prescription for the Lantus  pen and 
 >Novalog Junior because I seem to need lots of 1/2 shots. I also still have a
>prescription for the vials.  Question is though--once I  get on the pump what 
 >types of insulin will I need on hand other than to put in the pump. I do not
 >want to fill the prescription for all those pens if they won't be used soon.
>In case of pump failure, or if it comes out  and I am away, should I have the 
> pen with me, and will I use anymore Lantus at all. Hope that came out clear.
> Thanks. 

 I have only gotten Humalog in the past six years since I've been on my pump. I
carry a spare infusion set with me, in case "it comes out" and a syringe and
vial of humalog if the pump should fail. Generally I only take these precautions
if I am more than 1 hour from home or if I know I would not be able to return
home within an hour or so.

 When I first began pumping, my endo gave me a prescription for pens to keep on
hand. I ended up throwing them all away since I never used them at all before
the expiration date. So, I don't bother with that anymore.


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