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[IP] Boxers with ipod pocket

A big THANKS to everyone for all the links to the boxers, etc. with pockets in
them.  By checking some of the links and the stores they are offered in, I see
none of them are carried in Iowa however they are carried in Macy's in Mall of
America - guess I should have checked sooner as I was just there a week ago
and could have seen them/tried them without ordering.  That's the way it

And just to let Peter know the art of sewing is NOT dead - I was the one who
asked about the ipod boxers to start this thread - and YES - I do have three
sewing machines and one serger and I use them a lot.  I have added pockets to
many types of outfits, the best thing I ever did was to make a long pocket in
a half slip (cost me 1/4th the price of what they sell for on on Unique
Accessories).  I have tried to add a pocket to underwear before but never
seemed to work very good - I think the sleek look of the ipod pocket in the
boxer type looks like something that would probably fit better purchased than
re-created!  If I had a choice I would sew all day instead of going to the
office (but the college tuition bills for my kids cause me to think
otherwise!)  LOL!


<This whole strand sounds like a problem for the old woman down the street
who is rumored to have something called a sewing machine. I hear that she is
one of those unusual people who prepares and cooks her own food. :>|)
            Peter 1>
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